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Humble Beginings

Hello World!

November 2020 we bought our first set balls from Pet Paradise in Virginia Beach, VA they are a decently sized family owned pet store with a great collection of reptiles. Their snake room was the first time We've ever seen freedom breeder racks.

From then on me and little brother dubbed ourselves "Lock House Pythons" and we started breeding because one it was cool to make snakes with designs but our contribution to the community would be to make affordable SUPERS and Visuals. Now in 2023 we are SUPERhets!

Why? because that was the problem we had coming into this hobby. All of the affordable balls were single genes and hets. We bred our first clutches and ended up with more hets and singles but it proved that we could do it.

Now with over $25k invested on our genetic library and equipment we can hone in on our contribution to the community and do our best to bring premium genes to local market on a consistent level.

The dream is have a steady supply of SUPERS with complimenting recessive genes. The ideal Ball would be a super visual het.

The work is about making such a Ball affordable and pay per the odds and not the hype that surrounds these genes.

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